Информация за системата

The card payment system iBonus Cashless Festival Payment System (iBonus CFPS), used during big musical, cultural or sporting events, was developed by Comitex Ltd. to provide a new type of modern payment service. The aim is to facilitate the visitors by providing fast, secure, easy and convenient way of payment with contactless cards. The cards are used to buy food, beverage and merchandise, and are valid for the event only. The cards have an electronic purse, built in the chip, which safely stores data about the available cash and allows payment within 2 seconds only. There is no need to wait for change or prepare the precise amount of money. Moreover, the customer can have information about exactly how much money they have in their card.

Cash can be added to the card and the card can be used to pay multiple times within its period of validity. Every amount spent is visualized on a customer display. All terminals show the available amount of money when the card is read and a receipt is issued every time money is loaded in the card. The receipt shows how much money has been loaded, the current amount available and how much has already been spent. After the event has finished, the customer can withdraw the money left in the card. A report can be generated for all actions done with the card. Also, the card can be replaced, keeping the client’s money.

Comitex iBonus CFPS Technology has no central transactions processing, which guarantees 100% real time performance without the risk of technical failures in communications, server blocking and other problems. This technology can operate simultaneously with practically unlimited number of cards and terminals. The IBonus CFPS system can be installed anywhere and works completely autonomously without a computer control. It is composed of fixed and mobile terminals, receipt printers, loyalty cards and software for processing and report generation. Money is securely protected in the chip of the card and is always available to the customer. The information is encrypted and protected from attempts to duplicate cards or manipulate data by using bank card security technologies. Bracelets with chip can also be used to meet the needs of the organizers.

The organizers of the event and the payment operator, that serves the cash flow, have full information about the money deposited, money spent, money available in cards, number of cards and various statistical indicators. The main advantage of this system is its functional independence from the commercial and fiscal system in the trade facility and the real-time operation meeting the needs of the sales and operational management.

Comitex has been developing, using and improving the iBonus CFPS system since 2011. So far iBonus CFPS has been used during more than 15 major music events in Bulgaria with over 100 000 participants.